Camberwell College of Arts, BA Fine Art (Painting) 

, 2023
Oil on linen
68 x 78 cm (framed)

Gerry de Banzie (b. 2000, Maidstone) paints subtle abstracts that captivate the viewer by bridging the gap between perception and interpretation.

His distinctive approach to abstraction invites viewers on an explorative journey into the depths of the unseen, and his canvases act as mirrors, reflecting the myriad of perspectives that converge and diverge in the presence of his art.

De Banzie’s artistry resides in the realm of the unspoken. His pieces evoke emotions and provoke introspection, sparking a dialogue between the viewer and the canvas. Through a skillful manipulation of colour, texture, and form, he captures moments of fleeting sensation, inviting us to engage with the intangible.

Employing abstract forms and intricate compositions, de Banzie’s works are enigmatic puzzles awaiting the keen eye of the observer. Each brushstroke is a fragment of a larger narrative, purposefully left open to individual imagination. As playful as they are ambiguous, de Banzie’s paintings embraces the unique and the fun, often drawing from the symbols and characters of folklore and the circus.

Untitled, one of three works from his degree show at Camberwell, was created as a commentary on isolation, addiction, and ritual.

Recent works by de Banzie were shown at a Crème Fraîche salon in January 2023. A catalogue of these works can be viewed here.