Camberwell College of Arts, BA Fine Art (Painting)

, 2023
Oil on plywood
101 x 152 cm

Karampreet Sehmbi (b. 2001, London) explores humans and their relationship to the environment through her paintings, photography, printmaking, collage, and filmmaking. Her work is heavily informed by her Sikh upbringing, with the importance it places on harmony and unity between humanity and the natural world.

Sehmbi’s paintings seek to express the immersive qualities of the natural world and the impact this has on the human condition, and frequently draw inspiration from film and music. Her work is heavily based in process, often begining with photography. She then uses wood as a base on which to paint dream-like worlds, embracing the natural grains, marks, and imperfections of the surface to create compositions that resonate with the ceaseless movement that nature embodies.

Based on a photograph of a forest near her hometown, the vibrant dream-like landscape of Life-source is an exploration of movement and energy, with the diminutive figure perched in the foreground a foil for the magnificence of the surrounding flora.

Sembhi will join the MA Fine Art programme at Central Saint Martins in September 2023. Her work has previously been exhibited at group shows including ‘Metamorphosis’ (2022, A.P.T Gallery) and ‘Alter’ (2023, Southwark Park Galleries).