Chelsea College of Arts, MA Fine Art 

I feel it now… and it feels good, 2023
Acrylic on canvas
108 x 93 x 20 cm

Lola Collins (b. 1998, Washington DC) is a multidisciplinary artist based between London and California, whose current practice investigates the possibility of form and space, and how these relate to her experience as a Black woman moving through the world.

Her practice centres the historical, the social, and the temporal: her paintings, sculpture, public work, and performance, are grounded in her fascination with the process of building. To Collins, building necessitates both deconstruction and reconstruction, and it is this duality that she pursues both literally and metaphorically (sometimes simultaneously) in her work. She views this process as a reflection of Black life, and in particular the ways in which those in the Black diaspora rebuild their identities daily in order to re-frame pasts, presents, and futures that truly represent who they are.

I feel it now... and it feels good is an investigation into form and gesture, the culmination of a recent exploration of how painting can be pushed out of its traditional constraints. In this series, which demonstrates Collins’ frequent disregard for stretcher bars, we find her vibrant abstracts crushed by a series of intuitive folds and manoeuvres.

Before moving to London to study at Chelsea, Collins studied at Colby College and the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work has been shown in group shows at the Brooklyn Museum (New York) and Root Division (San Francisco).