Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art 

Work in Progress
, 2023
Acrylic paint, spray paint, oil pastels, oil sticks
190 x 200 cm

The paintings and sculptures of Reinhard Agyekum (b. 1993, Kumasi) betray an almost obsessive approach to the exploration of colour, demonstrated in the palette, texture, and forms of his work. His practice is heavily based in process arising out of colour theory and research, where specific character are attributed to the colours he uses: in this way, Agyekum’s compositions dictate a narrative evident to him but somewhat aloof from the audience. Texture and form follow and are informed by the temperamentality of his colours; Agyekum’s works frequently combine pastels, oil paints, acrylics, and spray paint, giving his work a vibrancy of movement.

Both of the works presented for Agyekum’s degree show at Central Saint Martins were exercises in painting at scale. His Crème Fraîche piece, Work in Progress, is despite its scale the smaller of the two; Wonderland is over five metres in width. Work in Progress questions the performative and transformational aspects of painting as a means of expression. Its use of palette, texture, form, and scale force the observer into an immersive experience of colour, compelling a deliberation of the relevance of colour in their everyday interactions and navigation.

Agyekum’s work has featured in group shows including In Situ (Greatorex Street, 2023), Compost (Charlie’s Garden, 2022), Art Futures: Behind the Frame (St.Art Gallery, Gallery Different 2022), and Almost A Virgin (Regent Centre, Coventry 2021). 

Recent works by Agyekum were shown at a Crème Fraîche salon in March 2024; a catalogue can be viewed here. He will also present a site-specific series of works at the Crème Fraîche x PSLab Residency in July 2024, alongside Poppy Mannion and Sam Meredith.